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Prince Joachim gives interview about his love for Southern Jutland + Summer Greetings from Cayx!

Prince Joachim recently gave a short interview to magazine Hjemmet about his love for Southern Jutland! Read more below

This interview was given ahead of the 100th anniversary of the reunion of Southern Jutland and Denmark. Prince Joachim is Patron of Grænseforeningen which is an umbrella organization for 55 local associations throughout Denmark that work for the Danish-German collaboration across the border. Prince Joachim has a personal connection with Southern Jutland as he lived from 1993 to 2014 at Schackenborg Castle and he still goes back regularly with his family since 2014.

I couldn’t access the full interview but here are some of the quotes Prince Joachim gave to Hjemmet.

About his love for Southern Jutland, Prince Joachim said: “I feel attached to Southern Jutland, and I can easily take Princess Marie and my four children on oath, when I say we all love Southern Jutland, Schackenborg and Tøndermarsken. It is to that extent a place that shaped us and we feel connected to. We enjoy returning. For planned or unplanned visits. Spring, summer, fall. On short and long stays.”

About spending time at Schackenborg during the coronavirus crisis: “If there is anything good to say about the coronavirus, it is that it allowed us to spend three complete weeks at Schackenborg. […] We thoroughly enjoyed that.”

About the reunion of Southern Jutland and Denmark and King Christian X’s walk across the border: “I have not met my Danish great-grandparents, but I have often heard the story of my great-grandfather’s ride on the horse across the border. It is Danish history – and war history – and as a history and military nerd, I loved it. It’s history that goes to my heart”

About being told he would inherit Schackenborg, aged nine, by Count Hans Schack: “I knew him and Countess Karin well, but had only been twice at Schackenborg Castle when I was told it was going to be mine. As a nine-year-old, I had other things to think about. I was used to moving and traveling a lot, so it was decided that I should live in the castle in Southern Jutland as an adult and I accepted quite naturally.”

About spending holidays as a child in Southern Jutland: “My grandmother Queen Ingrid loved Gråsten Castle and she loved all of Southern Jutland. When I was on summer vacation in Gråsten, I could feel her warm feelings for the region. Her love for Southern Jutland struck me.”

Joachim also said he has always felt welcomed in Southern Jutland and that the 20 years spent in Southern Jutland are the most significant years of his life.

About choosing Mogeltonder Church for his wedding with Princess Marie, he said: “We could have chosen a larger church, but we lived in Møgeltønder, and we both felt that getting married in Møgeltønder Church was the right thing. It was the most beautiful and loveliest day for both of us. Since then we have often heard how it was a very rare experience for our guests to see and feel that this was something unique.”

(Note: I want to repeat that this is not the entire interview of Prince Joachim but just the translation of a few quotes that are available in the preview of the interview on and

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their family decided to stay in France to start their summer holidays. Yesterday, the Court shared three new photos taken by Princess Marie of Prince Joachim, Nikolai, Felix and Henrik as well as Princess Athena and the family dog Cerise at the Chateau de Cayx in the South of France.

Princess Athena wore a Jacadi white t-shirt with Cerise written on it, most likely a nod to the beloved family dog!

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