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Princess Marie’s cookbook “Food with respect” raised DKK 36,000 (4835€/$5514) for DanChurchAid in 6 months and won awards!

We have exciting news to share about Princess Marie and Selina Juul’s cookbook against food waste today! Read more below.

In November 2019, Princess Marie, Selina Juul and the chefs involved in the project launched the ‘Food with Respect’ cookbook with the aim to help Danish families fight against food waste. It was also announced that each copy of the book sold would result in a donation to DanChurchAid – of which Princess Marie is Patron.

You can read more about the launch here and you can read my interview with Selina Juul about the book here.

Now we have some good news to share today as it was announced that the cookbook raised DKK 36,000 (4835€/$5514) for DanChurchAid in the first 6 months since its launch, thus helping « to reduce food waste here in Denmark and at the same time helping to provide the world’s poorest with food on the table. » More than 700,000 tonnes of good and edible food are thrown out in Denmark every year. The biggest culprits are households, and it is especially families with children who have the biggest challenge in using all the food. This is exactly the category that the book addresses in particular.

The book also received great reviews and prestigious awards : « The Danes have welcomed the cookbook, which has been massively mentioned in both Danish and international media. The book also ended up on Berlingske’s food reviewer Søren Frank’s list of the Best Cookbooks of the Year in 2019 and recently became number one in the world in the international cookbook competition The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the D11 Family category. In addition, Dansk Handelsblad has given the book a positive review, the medium Levnedsmiddel & Fødevaredebat has given the book 6 out of 6 hearts and the medium My Daily Space has given the book 6 out of 6 stars.»

Selina Juul, the founder of the Stop Wasting Food Movement, said: “I would like to thank all the book’s talented co-authors and chefs – as well as the Danes who have bought our book and are helping to avoid food waste in their everyday lives. Special thanks to the participating chefs and to Her Royal Highness Princess Marie, with whom I developed the idea for the book three years ago. Thinking that the book has already raised DKK 36,000 (4835€/$5514) for DanChurchAid’s work in the first six months, it is a really good start. »

Brigitte Qvist-Sørensen, Secretary General of DanChurchAid, said : « A big thank you goes to Selina Juul and the contributors for this ambitious project. When Selina at the same time focuses on food waste at home and hunger in the world’s poorest countries, it shows how there is an imbalance between abundance and scarcity. Right now, more than 800 million people worldwide are starving – and that requires action so that we can save lives. That is why it is fantastic when more and more people join the fight. »

Congratulations to Princess Marie, Selina Juul and the entire team who worked on the cookbook for raising this amount in just six months for DanChurchAid! Hopefully, the amount will keep growing and will be even bigger for the first anniversary of the book!

You can read the entire press release below. (Note: the original press release was in Danish and was translated in English by me.)

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