Prince Joachim

Prince Joachim starts new job in Paris!

After an eventful summer, Prince Joachim started his new job in Paris today! Read more below.


Prince Joachim started his new job as Defense Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Paris this morning. He shared a photo of his new office with this message on the Court’s social media:

I am adjusting to my new job as a defense attaché and here in my office at the Danish Embassy in Paris. I feel ready for the post after finishing a demanding year of study at the Centre des Hautes Etudes Militaires in June. A lot of exciting tasks lie ahead for the Armed Forces and for Denmark.

Upon his arrival at the Embassy, Prince Joachim met with members of the press for his first interview since he was hospitalized for a blood clot this summer. Prince Joachim said: “Welcome to the embassy, ​​which is my new workplace!  It must be said that this is something I have been looking forward to immensely. Not least after this summer, which was a non-summer in my case.  I have been full of zeal to get started quietly and of course on the doctor’s advice. [I look forward, ed.] to completing what a whole year of very intense studies – a whole year in Paris – will culminate in. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. It will be a lot of interesting experiences for the Armed Forces and of course for Denmark.”

Prince Joachim then wished the reporters a good day and said: ” I know that you will experience a lot of culture later.” as they will probably join Princess Marie later today when she opens an exhibition. When asked how he was feeling, Prince Joachim said he felt fine.

Yesterday, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie shared a selfie on the Court’s social media with this caption: “Together in Paris 🇫🇷 Nice that it is now everyday again.” I believe the photo was taken on the Champs-Elysées near the Maison du Danemark.

One thought on “Prince Joachim starts new job in Paris!

  1. On the occasion of Prince Joachim’s inauguration as Defense Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Paris, May peace and stability be achieved around the world in cooperation with International Community.


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