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Princess Marie opens new WeFood store + French Embassy to host 2021 Stop Wasting Food International Dinner

For her second event today, Princess Marie attended the opening of a new WeFood store in Tingbjerg this afternoon as Patron of DanChurchAid


DanChurchAid’s Wefood stores sell food, cosmetics and household products that cannot be sold in ordinary supermarkets because they are close to the expiration date, incorrectly labeled or have damaged packaging. The wefood store is run by volunteers and all profits go to fight hunger in the world’s poorest countries.


In her speech, Princess Marie said: “It is thought-provoking that there is enough food in the world to satiate everyone if we distributed the food more fairly and used everything we produce. In Denmark alone, we throw out 700,000 tons of food!”


When she left the event, she greeted a local resident before answering a few questions for the press. She said: “It is so fantastic that we now in Denmark have a food waste day that will help to engage the Danes in the fight against food waste. At least I hope so”. She also said it was really great to be back in Denmark and that Prince Joachim was doing fine.

The Stop Wasting Food Movement also announced today that the French Embassy to Denmark will host the Annual Stop Wasting Food International Dinner in 2021. The dinner won’t be held in 2020 because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Caroline Ferrari, the French ambassador to Denmark, said: “About a third of the food we produce every year in the world is wasted. This is contrary to our vision of a sustainable food system and to the Agenda 2030 and the World Goals. For years, France has been a leader in food waste control. However, no one can break the basket alone. We need the support of all stakeholders: governments, businesses, charities and consumers. Therefore, it is a real honor and a privilege for the French Embassy to host the annual Stop Food Wasting Dinner next year and help Selina Juul and her association in their unique efforts to focus on food waste and create change ”.

For her second event of the day, Princess Marie wore the same outfit as earlier in the day featuring a black pant suit by Giorgio Armani and her Hugo Boss ‘Enavi’ top.

She also wore her Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ black suede pumps and her old ufo black clutch as well as her Rolex watch and her Christine Hvelplund ‘A & H’ necklace.

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