Prince Joachim

Prince Joachim talks about his health and his family’s life in Paris in first interview since blood clot

Tonight, DR aired an exclusive interview with Prince Joachim, his first interview since he was hospitalized this summer for a blood clot in his brain. The interview was recorded this week at his office at the Danish Embassy in Paris. Read more below.

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About his health, Prince Joachim said that he was feeling good but that it is still something he has to work with and that it will probably be the case “for a long time to come.” Prince Joachim also reflected on the impact it had on his close family saying: “It is not only me and my physical shape that were affected. My wife, my children and the immediate family – we have all been affected by it. I was hit physically, but they were on the first floor. That is why the family is also a part of this healing, and we thank our Creator for every single day.”

Stéphanie Surrugue – DR’s correspondent in Paris who interviewed the Prince – said that Prince Joachim was moved when he explained that the blood clot made him value and prioritize the little things. Prince Joachim said: “We are together here in our little life in Paris, which on top of that with COVID-19 has become even less physically – and we enjoy being able to be together. We enjoy every moment we have. And it’s right down to the slightest detail, like helping the kids with homework. Just the fact that we are together…”

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Prince Joachim also reflected on the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, Paris is under a lockdown and a curfew. It is also mandatory to wear a mask. About wearing a mask, Prince Joachim said: “We owe it to each other, but we also owe it to ourselves. It’s too silly to walk around thinking that you can not be affected by the coronavirus. Everyone can be affected. Some may be hit very badly, some are lucky, but there is no reason to act carelessly. This is serious.”

About the terrorist threats in France, Prince Joachim said: “It’s not something you joke about here. It is a threat, and you can’t bet on where the threat will hit. It’s serious, no matter where in France you are, but in the capital in particular. For that reason alone, a little cloud hangs over the heads of everyone here in France.”

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Prince Joachim also talked about his new job in France. There has been a lot of questions about his future and whether or not he’ll come back to Denmark after his job ends. Prince Joachim said that he decided to take it all in stride because taking the job was already a big upheaval for him. The job as defense attaché is for three years and it can be extended for one more year but Prince Joachim refused to think further than that. He said that he’d rather ” in the now – with the hassle it sometimes is. We always look forward, because there will always be something exciting behind the next hilltop.”

Prince Joachim is half-French and he enjoys his life in Paris. He said that he and Princess Marie were very proud of being able to further the relationship between France and Denmark, following in Prince Henrik’s footsteps.

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