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Princess Marie sends video message to Nina Skov Jensen in “The Hidden Talents – five years later” on DR1

Tonight, Princess Marie appeared in “The Hidden Talents – five years later” on DR1 as she sent a video message to Nina Skov Jensen who painted a portrait of her in 2019. Read more below.


The program follows people with autism, who despite their challenges find peace and joy in their unique abilities and talents, five years after the first edition of the program. You can watch the first episode here. One of these people is Nina Skov Jensen who met Princess Marie – who is Patron of the Danish Autism Association – in November 2019 to give her a painting she had made of her. (You can read more about this in my post from 2019 here.)

About painting and then meeting Princess Marie, Nina said: “It was cool to make a collaboration. Both to show that one can be successful with autism but it was also big for me to paint such a portrait. She invited me to Amalienborg where I could show her the portrait. She spoke Danish, English and French when she saw it. She was very happy about it. “

As the program asked Princess Marie to comment on the portrait, Princess Marie said: “Dear Nina, I am very impressed by your talent! The painting is well done and incredibly beautiful. I recognize myself completely. My facial expression and gaze are absolutely right. Bravo! Woah! You are proof that one should discover talents in people with autism because they often don’t have the opportunity to be seen or heard. And I wish you good luck with your artistic career. “


You can see more of Nina’s stunning art on Instagram and on her website.

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