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Princess Marie attends Frederiksberg Harvest Festival as Patron of Copenhagen Cooking

After attending the opening reception of the Copenhagen Cooking Festival on Wednesday, Princess Marie attended one of its events on Friday. Read more below.

The Frederiksberg Harvest Festival hosts locals and tourists at at longtable dinners on Frederiksberg Allé during the Copenhagen Cooking Festival since 2015. It aims to engage local businesses and organisations from Frederiksberg in a joint harvest theme – “From farm to table”.

Princess Marie visited ‘the rolling summer kitchen’, which is a mobile food school, where children learn to cook from vegetables that are deemed ‘ugly’ to focus on food waste.

After the dinner, Princess Marie thanked the chefs for the menu which was prepared by Frederiksberg Garden restaurant in collaboration with food waste activists from EAT GRIM, who focus on reducing waste of fruits and vegetables.

Princess Marie wore a new pink coat which could be by Stine Goya over a black outfit and old UFO black ankle boots. She wore a new scarf as well as a new necklace. She also wore her Christine Hvelplund initials necklace.

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