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Princess Marie visits Madens Folkemøde in Maribo

Princess Marie was back in Denmark this weekend as she will attend several events in the coming days. On Saturday, she visited Madens Folkemøde. Read more below.

©Keld Navntoft

Madens Folkemøde unites producers, chefs, members of the food industry, decision-makers, farmers and Danes over two days to share knowledge about and attitudes to food and the way it is produced. Princess Marie visited several stands during her visit to discuss the fight against food waste.

Afterward, Princess Marie attended a panel debate before handing out the “Stræberen” honorary award to Anders René Jensen, the Purchasing and Marketing Director of Rema 1000 which is a soft-discount grocery chain. Princess Marie was the recipient of the award last year so it was her turn to deliver the award. Previous winners – such as Selina Juul, the founder of the Stop Wasting Food Movement – also attended.

©Keld Navntoft

The award is given to a person who has excelled in the fight against food waste and was founded by the organization De Samvirkende Købmænd. Anders René Jensen was chosen this year for his efforts in implementing a new policy at Rema 1000 which abolished multi-piece sales and quantity discounts in order to reduce food waste.

©Keld Navntoft

Princess Marie wore her Ralph Lauren blazer with her Tara Jarmon ruffled blouse, black trousers, and her Zara navy ankle boots. She also wore her Christine Hvelplund earrings.

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