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Princess Marie takes part in opening event of National Day against Food Waste

On Wednesday, Princess Marie attended her last event scheduled in Denmark so far as she took part in the opening event of the National Day against Food Waste. Read more below.

©Courtesy of Stop Spild Af Mad

This year’s opening event focused on young people and their role in the fight against food waste. Princess Marie watched a “Food Waste Cook Off”, where three young culinary guides competed to prepare the most creative dish out of the food that is typically wasted in Danish homes.

In her speech, Princess Marie said: “Combating food waste is an excellent place to start if you want to do something about climate problems. Food waste is actually our easiest personal contribution to the climate fight. Here you can really make a difference. And show the way. I believe that in the future, young people will solve the problems of food waste. That is why it is also great to see that so many are joining today to show the way for our young people and give them knowledge and inspiration for the fight against food waste. Young people are the future.”

Princess Marie wore a new dress by Hugo Boss!

She paired the outfit with a repeated black clutch, and her Jimmy Choo navy pumps. She also wore repeated earrings, her Rolex watch, and her Christine Hvelplund necklace.

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