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Princess Marie becomes Special Cultural Representative for Denmark in Paris

On Friday, it was announced that Princess Marie was taking on a new role for the Danish Embassy in Paris! Read more below.

The Court announced Princess Marie’s new position with a statement detailing her new role:

The Princess becomes part of the embassy’s “Team for Partnerships”, which aims to promote Danish interests by strengthening the relations between Danish and French cultural representatives. On the basis of the newly established effort, Princess Marie will make use of her particular knowledge of both French and Danish culture, as well as her experience with networking, in order to seek out new Danish-French partnerships for the benefit of Danish cultural life. 

The new position is in line with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ aim to ensure greater focus on Danish culture and Danish interests in France ahead of the Olympics in Paris 2024:

After a year and a half of closure because of the pandemic, there is a need to restart and further strengthen the good Danish-French cooperation on several levels. In addition, in the run-up to Paris’ Olympic hosting, greater global interest in activities in France will be created. Therefore, the Danish Embassy in Paris will intensify its work for partnerships in Paris as well as at the municipal and regional level.

As part of this, HRH Princess Marie has agreed to take on the role of Special Cultural Representative for Denmark in France. Princess Marie will thus be the spearhead for the new venture and thus contribute to increasing the visibility of the close Danish-French ties in both France and Denmark.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “With the affiliation of HRH Princess Marie, Denmark is sending a very strong and positive signal about the importance we attach to our cooperation with France. I am therefore very pleased that Princess Marie has agreed to take on this important task. With her knowledge of both Danish and French culture and history, the princess is eminently placed to help create and expand contacts at a high level in France

About her new position, Princess Marie said: “I am both proud and honoured to get the opportunity to be part of this new focus area. The task description falls within the focus I have had in recent years on cooperation between Danish and French cultural representatives, and my family and I have now settled well in Paris, so it is perfect timing. Therefore, it was quite natural for me to grab the opportunity. I am pleased that my new role will enable me to continue looking after Danish interests – especially in the cultural area – in the coming years.”

One thought on “Princess Marie becomes Special Cultural Representative for Denmark in Paris

  1. What a great job for Princess Marie! I’d say that was a perfect fit between job and the person fulfilling the job! It will be interesting to see how she manages this position. I have no doubt she will do a fantastic job!


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