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Princess Marie celebrates DanChurchAid’s 100th anniversary.

Today, Princess Marie was back in Denmark as she celebrated DanChurchAid’s 100th anniversary as Patron. Read more below.

©Mads Joakim – Burö Jantzen

Princess Marie first attended an anniversary service at Our Lady’s Church in Copenhagen.

During the service, prayers were offered to the people of Ukraine who are currently suffering from Russian invasion.

©Mads Joakim – Burö Jantzen

Princess Marie then attended a reception at the University of Copenhagen’s banquet hall where Princess Marie made a speech. She said: “None of us had dreamed that the 100th anniversary would be celebrated in the light of a new war in Europe. The war in Ukraine underlines the importance of the work that DanChurchAid is doing. People fleeing the war feel the organization’s charity and help, and we experience once again how important unity and humanity is.”

©Mads Joakim – Burö Jantzen

After retelling her experiences during her several humanitarian trips abroad with DanChurchAid, Princess Marie said: “My experiences with DanChurchAid have given me so much perspective on life and the many opportunities that always exist – even in places and in situations that may immediately seem completely impossible. Through this insight, I have had the opportunity to understand the scope of what is humanly possible, but also how unequal the world is and how infinitely important, DanChurchAid’s work is. They do not take the dignity from the individual – they do not help the poor, but people who, just like us, will do everything to ensure that their children have a good life. For me, the combination of partnerships outside and at home, charity, and the belief in equality are crucial values.”

Princess Marie wore a new Sandro coat with pleats at the back with a new Emilia Wickstead top and black trousers.

She paired the outfit with her Sergio Rossi ankle boots and her Carlend Copenhagen clutch.

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