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Princess Marie attends “Le Royaume des Clowns” exhibition opening in Paris

On Tuesday evening, Princess Marie attended the official opening of the exhibition “Le Royaume des Clowns”. Read more below.

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“Le Royaume des Clowns” exhibition is held at Le Bicolore from 23 March to 8 May and features works by Danish artists exploring the characters of clowns.

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This exhibition was a work between two French Commissioners and Danish artists and is the first out of three exhibitions following this pattern that will be shown at Le Bicolore between 2022 and 2024.

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Since last October, Princess Marie is the Special Representative for Culture at the Danish Embassy in Paris and she has attended several events at Le Bicolore since then.

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Princess Marie wore her By Malene Birger blouse with black trousers and her Zara pumps.

She also wore new earrings by AGATHA Paris and it seems she wore Queen Margrethe’s Jubilee brooch as a necklace.

One thought on “Princess Marie attends “Le Royaume des Clowns” exhibition opening in Paris

  1. Tiny Marie looks like a midget compared to that guy in the second slide show or he looks like a giant! I like the fact that she isn’t wearing all black or dark colors. The earrings will match many outfits! What an interesting way to wear Queen Margrethe’s Jubilee brooch.


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