Blog Announcement (November 2022)

Since Marie has an event today and a few events next week, it’s time to make an announcement that has been in the works for a few months. Starting from today, I will solely write about Marie’s events on UFO No More. Princess Marie’s Closet will still be up but no longer updated. 

With Marie having fewer events and me getting busier, I just can’t keep managing two blogs so moving my coverage of Marie’s events to UFO No More is what works best now. Most of the people reading PMC are also reading UFO so hopefully, the transition will be seamless. Nothing will really change in my coverage of her events as I’m just moving from one platform to another.

But thank you all for the support you gave to PMC over the years, it really motivated me to keep writing about Marie’s events (and I’ll never ever forget that tiara exclusive!) and I hope you learned more about the organizations she supports through my coverage 🙂 See you all on UFO No More !

Thank you xx



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