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Gala Dinner for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday

Today is Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday and Queen Margrethe is hosting a gala dinner in his honor at Christianborg Palace tonight.

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Earlier today, Crown Prince Frederik was joined by his mother, his wife and his children on the balcony of Amalienborg Palace to be celebrated by the Danish people.

Tonight, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the gala dinner along with other members of the royal family and members of foreign royal families.

Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty ImagesThe nice surprise was to see Prince Nikolai joining his father and his stepmother! It was his first gala dinner and it makes sense that it was the one in honor of his uncle.

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Prince Nikolai’s mother Countess Alexandra attended too. It was really great to see her wearing her tiara and the Order of the Elephant again! She wore a lovely new pink lace gown by Elsa Adams.

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Princess Marie wore a new Elie Saab blue sequined gown. My very good friend Laura found it and I couldn’t be happier. Like I said on Twitter, this was my dream combo so I legit had tears in my eyes when Laura sent that message. I am so happy and she looks very good! Princess Marie decided to remove the sleeves, which I think was a good decision as I feel like the sleeved version might have been too much for Marie.

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I can’t be 100% sure but I believe her new navy suede sandals are from Michael Kors. The ‘Hutton’ sandals are described as such: “Luxe suede construction and a stiletto heel combine to a refined effect on our Hutton sandals. Fastened with a slim, adjustable ankle strap, this minimalist style adds alluring height to bodycon dresses and denim alike.”

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© Michael Kors

She accessorized with her blue Bottega Veneta clutch.

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She wore her usual diamond floral tiara with new earrings. Christine Hvelplund, Princess Marie’s favorite jewelry designer, confirmed to me that these new earrings were part of her newest collection but they aren’t available yet. They are called ‘Fairytale’.

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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie privately celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on 24 May and they looked very happy tonight!

We’ll next see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie tomorrow when they’ll attend the concert ‘All of Denmark celebrates its Crown Prince’ with Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Gala Dinner

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at New Year’s Gala Dinner !

Tonight , the first tiara event of the year took place at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The gala takes place each year and the royal family as well as the Governement, the President of Parliament , representatives and members of the court attend. We took a look at Princess Marie’s outfits the previous years yesterday on Twitter and you can check it out here.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first at Amalienborg Palace. All the members of the Royal Family wore the necklace of the Order of the Elephant , the highest Danish order. You can see a video of the arrivals here.

© Screenshot by @CrownPrincely
© Screenshot by @CrownPrincely

Princess Marie wore the Rikke Gudnitz white and gold gown she first wore during the Belgian state visit in March last year.

She wore her Christian Dior shoes , first worn in 2014,  and her favorite New Year’s Gala clutch which is still UFO. Her earrings are new but the ring is old and UFO. I haven’t seen a good photo of the bracelet yet.



What did you think of Marie’s outfit ?

Gala Dinner

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend concert and dinner at Fredensborg Palace

Last night, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, along with Crown Prince Frederik , attended a concert and a dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe at Fredensborg Palace. Crown Princess Mary didn’t attend because she was in Mali.

This year’s concert and dinner was held in honor of the agricultural , environment and food sector. The last concert and dinner was held in 2015 in honor of the tourism sector but there has also been concert in 2013,2012 and 2010. It isn’t held annually but it is held often , honoring one aspect of Denmark’s economy and society.

The royal family and guests first attend a concert in the chapel of Fredensborg Palace. Then, they have dinner in the Palace where each member of the royal family is seated at a different table so that they can talk with the guests. You can see more photos here.
For this event, Princess Marie wore a new velvet pantsuit and a new top with her Jimmy Choo sandals and an old UFO clutch.
© Jimmy Choo

She wore her Christine Hvelplund earrings and a necklace she first wore last May.

© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Princess Marie next Monday as she’ll spend the afternoon in Tivoli with children with autism and their families.

Gala Dinner

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attends a Commemorative Dinner for the Army

Tonight, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie , along with Crown Princess Mary, attended a gala dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe in honor of the Army at Fredensborg Palace.

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This gala takes place every three year and honors the soldiers receiving the King Christian X Medal for Good Service awarded to soldiers with more than 25 years of service. The award was created on September 26th 1945, on King Christian X’s birthday, and is awarded on the same day each year.

© Billed-Bladet video

When they arrived, Prince Joachim told photographers he was looking forward to the evening as he works in the military himself. Indeed, he works daily a special advisor on developing a new full-force concept that will strengthen the use of volunteers in the Home Guard and personnel of the reserve, without being paid obviously, and he is Colonel in the Reserve.

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Here are  videos of the arrival :

For this gala dinner, Princess Marie looked absolutely gorgeous in her new black gown from Danish designer Ole Yde. The gown was presented in pink in the designers’s Fall 2016 Collection.

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She paired the dress with her trusted Bally shoes (first worn in 2012) and her old UFO clutch from 2010 with her favorite Christine Hvelplund earrings and bracelet.

© Bally
© Christine Hvelplund
© Christine Hvelplund


We’ll next see Prince Joachim and Princesse Marie on October 3rd for the Opening of Parliament !

Gala Dinner

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in Norway for King Harald and Queen Sonja’s birthdays

On May 9th and May 10th, European royals were reunited in Oslo to celebrate King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th birthdays! A gala dinner was held at the Palace on May 9th. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie joined the celebrations on May 10th. A lunch was held on the Norge but we have no photos of the Danish royal family as they were staying on the Danneborg yacht so they didn’t step outside.

In the evening, Joachim and Marie joined the other guests at the Norwegian Opera for a dinner hosted by the government in honor of King Harald and Queen Sonja.

Princess Marie wore a custom made Rikke Gudnitz gown , first worn in April 2015 during the celebrations for Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday.

She wore her Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ sandals with a pink clutch. It appears she borrowed the clutch from Crown Princess Mary, it is UFO.

© Jimmy Choo
As for jewels, she wore her Christine Hvelplund pendant earrings with a new amethyst pendant necklace. She also wore an old ring and a Christine Hvelplund diamond bracelet.
© Christine Hvelplund
© Christine Hvelplund

It was great to see so many royals reunited and the celebrations were truly great to watch!