Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival · Visits

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim attend the Gastonimic Summit of CCFF

On August 20th, Princess Marie visited the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival as Patron. She opened the festival on Thursday but it officially started on Friday and it will lasts until August 27th.

Princess Marie has been patron of the festival since 2011 and this is her seventh visit (2011,2012,2014,2015,2016,2017). She usually visits the festival once a year as she doesn’t usually open the festival before it’s official start. I believe that this second visit had to do with her growing involvement with the ‘Better Food for More People’ Summit which is held during the festival (August 24th).

 The festival offers a lot of events related to food and Nordic gastronomy every day, both for adults and for children. Princess Marie took part in one of the day’s activities.
She and Prince Joachim attended the Gastronomic Summit at Geranium Restaurant in Copenhagen. They met with Danish chef Rasmus Kofoef and French chefs Anne-Sophie Pic and Dominique Crenn.

For this event, Princess Marie wore a new dress that hasn’t been identified yet and her Christine Hvelplund earrings.

© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Marie today for a very big day for her : she’ll take part in the ‘Better Food for More People’ summit, as Patron.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival · Visits

Princess Marie opens Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Today, Princess Marie, as Patron, opened the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival in Copenhagen. The Festival will officially start tomorrow and Marie will visit its stands and meet with the exhibitors on Sunday. It is the first time that Marie will attend the festival twice.

This year’s edition marks the second year of the new CCFF. Indeed, this new version of the festival was created in 2016 when the original festival ‘Copenhagen Cooking’ decided to collaborate with the Food Organization of Denmark. Since Marie was Patron of Copenhagen Cooking since 2011, she became a Patron of the CCFF. This is the sixth time she visited the Festival (2011, 2012, 2014,2015,2016).

The festival aims to promote nordic gastronomy , specially Denmark’s. Around 100.000 visitors participates each year according to the festival. Princess Marie’s growing involvement with the festival, as shown by her visiting the festival twice, makes sense since one of her main causes is fighting against food waste and promoting healthy cooking as well as nordic gastronomy (In her Point de Vue interview last June , she talked a lot about Danish food).

The festival will start tomorrow and lasts until August 27th. There are a lot of different events each day, both for adults and children and Marie said she looks forward to discovering new food. She also said in her speech that as a French person who moved to Denmark, she can say that Denmark’s cuisine is one of the best and can easily match France’s gastronomy. You can read it here.

For this event, Marie wore an Alberta Ferretti dress first worn in 2012 with Jimmy Choo black pumps first worn in 2015. (Unfortunately, I can’t publish the photos where you can see Marie’s shoes)

© Vogue Runway


© Jimmy Choo

She also wore her Christine Hvelplund ring and earrings and an old black UFO bag she owns since 2007.

© Christine Hvelplund
© Christine Hvelplund

In connection to this event, it was also announced that Princess Marie is now the Patron of the ‘Better Food for More People’ Summit. The summit will take place in Copenhagen next Thursday (24th) and Marie will take part in several meetings before attending the reception. This will be the second edition of the Summit, Princess Marie only attended the reception last year.