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Princess Marie visits Epilepsihospitalet Filadelfia in Dianalund

On Monday, Princess Marie visited Epilepsihospitalet Filadelfia in Dianalund as Patron of the Danish Epilepsy Association. Read more below.

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Epilepsiforeningen · Visits

Princess Marie visit the Epilepsy Clinic for the opening of the Brain Week

Yesterday, Princess Marie visited the Epilepsy Clinic of Rigshopitalet in Copenhagen.

Princess Marie met patients living with epilepsy and she heard presentation about on epilepsy surgery.This visit was scheduled as part of the opening of the Brain Week in Copenhagen. Brain Week is the 11th week of the year, focusing on the brain, brain diseases and brain research. Princess Marie has been the Patron of the Epilepsy Association since 2013. You can see several photos of the visit in the video below.

For this event, Marie wore a new pink blouse with a UFO black coat first worn in 2011.


She wore her Sergio Rossi ankle booties with an old UFO black clutch and new earrings.

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Marie will be in Greenland for the rest of the week attending an autism conference as Patron of Autism Denmark.