• AIDS-Fondet (since December 1st 2011)

“The AIDS Fondet works against HIV and AIDS, as well as related areas of importance to HIV and AIDS, both nationally and internationally. HIV and AIDS every year takes a lot of people’s lives worldwide, and people living with HIV or being affected by HIV still face prejudice and discrimination. AIDS Fondet is working to prevent HIV. We work for more HIV testing and effective HIV treatment, and for new prevention methods to be developed and used. We support the research in a cure for HIV. At the same time, we are focusing on strengthening the rights of the most vulnerable target groups, combating stigma and discrimination, and eliminating barriers to effective HIV action, whether they are due to sexual health or social, political or gender reasons, in gender identity, in sexuality or migrant status.”

Read More about AIDS Fondet’s work here.

  • Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival (since 2016 ; Patron of Copenhagen Cooking since 2012)



“Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an annual event which celebrates the culinary culture of Copenhagen as well as the whole of Denmark as a great food country. The festival is for everyone who loves food, and hosts more than 100 unique events over 10 days at the end of August. Our official theme, ‘Breaking the New’, signals that the festival offers unique and different dining experiences and showcases the latest food trends. Every year some 80,000 festival-goers attend to celebrate Nordic cuisine, seasonal produce and other great culinary experiences.”

Read More about the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival here.

  • Danmarks Skiforbund (since January 16th, 2010)

  • Den danske UNESCO-nationalkommission (since November 17th, 2009)

“I am pleased that Princess Marie has said yes to being Danish protector of Unesco. The Princess’s protection is a valuable recognition of the Danish Unesco work and contributes to increased visibility of the sensible ethical and human values ​​for which the organization is working, says Bertel Haarder. ” Princess Marie became Patron on the occasion of Denmark being elected as General Council of UNESCO in October 2009.

  • Det Danske Studenterhus i Paris (since January 1st, 2013, taking over from Queen Margrethe)



Since 1932, the Danish Student House in Paris has served as a safe and affordable base for Danish students and researchers in Paris. Thousands of young Danes, many of whom have since become famous in politics, art, science and business, have been living in the House over the years, offering a unique combination of Danish cosiness and cosmopolitan diversity.”

 Read More about the Danske Studenterhus here.
  • Epilepsiforeningen (since November 22nd, 2013, taking over from Prince Henrik)

“The overall purpose of the Epilepsy Association is to lessen the impact of epilepsy in the living conditions of people suffering from epilepsy.We are a nationwide voluntary association, founded on 27 September 1962. Today, the association has 5,500 members. The association works fundamentally to help its members and take care of the interests broadly for the approx. 55,000 Danes who have epilepsy and their relatives. Specifically, it takes place through a wide variety of activities.”

Read More about Epilepsiforeningen here.

  • Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (since September 6th, 2009)



The Danish People’s Aid supports the poorest of the world in their struggle for a dignified life and helps people in need. We provide emergency relief in disaster-affected areas and long-term development aid in poor areas to create a more equal and sustainable world. Our work derives from Christian values. Therefore, we show charity, sharing with the world’s poorest and helping people in need. We act actively and courageously when injustice is committed against people and when human rights are violated. “

Read More about Folkekirkens Nordhjaelp here.

  • Kattegatcentret (since November 22nd, 2013, taking over from Prince Henrik)

“With us, you can learn all about the oceans – our gifted staff have a wealth of stories you’ll remember forever. With humour and warmth, we give our visitors experiences that spread like ripples in the water. When you know more about the ocean, we think you will take better care of them. We also make our knowledge and facilities available to the business community, academic and research institutions, so together we can ensure the future of our oceans and develop their potential. The Kattegatcenter is a charitable fund and is run on a non-profit basis. In addition to the exhibition areas, the Kattegatcenter has an active schools service, which is used by over 12,000 pupils and students each year.”

Read More about Kattegatcentret here.


  • Landsforeningen Autisme (since November 2011)

In 1962, the National Association of Autism was founded by a group of parents in close cooperation with professionals. The cooperation continues to characterize the association’s work. Landsforeningen Autisme also interacts with other groups, including relatives, users, schools / institutions, circles, disability organizations, municipal politicians, etc. In addition, we have a formalized cooperation with the Aspergerforeningen. The interaction creates a dynamic tool to work for better conditions for children, adolescents and adults with autism.”

Read More about Landsforeningen Austisme here.


  • New Nordic Jewellery and Watch Show

“New Nordic is an exclusive trade show for the watch and jewellery industry.”

Read More about the New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show here.


  • Prix littéraire des Ambassadeurs ( by the French Embassy in Copenhagen) (since October 2011)

“The Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs is a literary price created in 2002 by the ambassadors in Denmark of the countries taking part in the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), or the countries in which French language has a big influence.”

  • Schackenborg Fonden (with Prince Joachim, since July 1st 2014 )

Schackenborg Castle is owned and operated today by the Schackenborg Foundation. The foundation was founded on June 30, 2014 by Prince Joachim, Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation , Ecco Holding and Ole Kirks Foundation, and has Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as Patron. The fund is a non-profit business fund that has taken over Schackenborg Castle and an associated farm for the purpose of opening the castle and park to the public and to allow the royal family to occasionally stay at the castle in order to maintain close contact between the royals and southern Jutland as well as possible support for general and non-profit purposes.”

Read More about Schackenborg Fonden here.


  • Tønder Festival (since August 2009)

“Tønder Festival, in its fifth decade as the major folk music festival in Denmark, is in a league all of its own. Tønder Festival embraces both innovation and tradition. The Tønder Festival stages are alive with young people creating music that stretches from folk to roots, indie rock, alternative country and singer-songwriter styles. Tønder Festival is famous for presenting new international names who are on their way up. And Tønder Festival is also where you can meet stars and veterans on the international and the Danish folk and roots scenes.”

Read More about the Tonder Festival here.


  • Vadehavsfestival (since 2010)

“In 2007 a Cultural Agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Culture Region Wadden Sea was signed. The Culture Region consists of the four Wadden Sea municipalities Esbjerg, Fanø, Tønder and Varde. Inspired of a cultural project “Springflod” from 2006 and as a result of the Cultural Agreement in 2007 it was decided to let art express and interpret the culture and nature of the Wadden Sea areas. This was the beginning of the Vadehavsfestival.”

Read More about VadehavsFestival here.


Collaborations :

  • Syddansk Universitet (since 2009)

“HRH Princess Marie cooperates with the University of Southern Denmark to help strengthen the knowledge of the university’s education, research and other activities, as well as to raise awareness of Region of South Jutland nationally as well as internationally.She knows what it means to be a student in another country, and she has previously worked in international companies.”

Read More about Syddansk Universitet here.

  • H.C. Andersen Børnehospital (since 2013)

“HRH Princess Marie cooperates with H.C. Andersen Children’s Hospital at Odense University Hospital to help strengthen the knowledge of the Children’s Hospital and its work to treat children and young people as well as to strengthen activities that provide positive experiences for the children and their families during hospitalization.”

Read More about H.C Andersen Bornehospital here.

  • European School Copenhagen (since 2014)




“HRH Princess Marie collaborates with European School Copenhagen to help strengthen the knowledge of the school’s educational programs and other activities, as well as participate in special events and activities, both nationally and internationally.”

Read More about the European School Copenhagen here.



“In 2011, HRH Princess Marie completed an emergency education program in the Danish Emergency Management Agency. The Princess is the corps master of the Emergency Board.

On June 27, 2016, Princess Marie started working as a special project employee in the field of prevention of the Emergency Board in Birkerød. Princess Marie does not receive any salary for her work.”

Read More about the Danish Emergency Management Agency here.