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Princess Marie visits Madens Folkemøde + an exclusive statement from her new patronage

Today, Princess Marie opened a food festival in Maribo, continuing with her engagement for the fight against food waste. Read more below.

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Princess Marie spends the afternoon in Tivoli with children with autism

Today, Princess Marie was in Tivoli Park to spend the afternoon with children with autism and they siblings. Princess Marie is Patron of the association since 2011 and revealed in 2012 that one of her nephew had autism hence why the cause was so personal for her.

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© Torben Plank / Tivoli

On October 16th, Landsforeningen Autisme, the National Association for Autism, announced that their Patron, Princess Marie, had invited five children and their siblings to spend the afternoon with her in Tivoli Park. Tivoli Park is fully decorated for Halloween right now which promised a very fun afternoon for the children.

© Torben Plank / Tivoli

Princess Marie wanted to invite the siblings and families to visit Tivoli with her and the children as she knows that it can often be difficult for the siblings to feel at ease and find their place in a family where a lot of the attention can be focused on the children with autism. Billed-Bladet reports that Marie had a lot of fun with the children.

Princess Marie wore a new coat by Emporio Armani. The coat is made of mohair and has a Prince of Wales print.

© Emporio Armani

She wore new black ankle boots with her Céline crossbody bag first worn in Rio in August 2016.

© Céline

We’ll see Marie again tomorrow when she joins the royal family for the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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Princess Marie, Henrik & Athena support Prince Joachim at Copenhagen Grand Prix

On August 5th and 6th, Prince Joachim took part in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, as he does each year.

On the 5th, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena came to support him. Before the race, Prince Joachim showed the children around and they supported him during the race. We can see that Princess Athena, who turned 5 last January , is wearing a new gold bracelet! It is a family tradition that every girl of the family receives a gold bracelet when they turn five. This tradition was started by Princess Margrethe of Connaught. The tradition was kept by her daughter Queen Ingrid of Denmark and then by her own daughters. You can read more about it here.

On the final day of the Grand Prix, Princess Marie (with her dog Apple) was there along with Henrik and Athena. Prince Joachim and his team finished third of the Grand Prix and Marie, Henrik and Athena looked very excited.

© Cordon Press / Nuria Tiburcio

© Cordon Press / Nuria Tiburcio

Marie wore a new Day Birger et Mikkelsen black and grey striped top with a new Nike quilted jacket. The top is sold out but the jacket is still available for $108 on Nike’s website.

© Amazon

© Net-A-Porter

She is also wearing her Céline black bag, that she first wore a year ago during the Rio Olympics and Nike shoes. I think her sunglasses are by Ray-Ban.

© Céline

© Net-A-Porter

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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie visit Heartland Festival

On Sunday, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena visited the Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle.

© Cordon Press/Nuria Tiburcio

The Heartland Festival was held from June 2 to June 4. It is described as a “weekend experience of music, art , talks and food , located in the stunning surroundings of Egeskov Castle and Gardens.”

© Cordon Press / Nuria Tiburcio

Last year, Crown Prince Frederik visited the festival and Prince Joachim did it this year. As TV2 reports, Joachim tried to cook in the Tasteland area and it wasn’t very successful.

©Cordon Press / Nuria Tiburcio

It looks like the family had a lot of fun at this event!

© Cordon Press / Nuria Tiburcio

As for Marie’s outfit, her leather jacket is from Designers Remix and it is old and it looks like she was wearing her Céline crossbody bag.

© Trendsales

© Céline


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Denmark’s Training Ship is welcomed back to Copenhagen by members of the Royal Family

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie bought their children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena to a very special event! Denmark’s Training Ship is back in Copenhagen and the members of the Danish royal family were there to welcome them as well as their families. Prince Joachim is the Patron of the ship who welcomes 80 students.

The ship was traveling since last year and was in the Virgin Islands or the Bermuda for examples. The members of the Danish royal family meet the ship’s crew last summer in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games.

© Billed-Bladet screenshot

The family took a boat to join the ship in Vedbaek so they could be on the ship for the last part of the trip , from Vedbaek to Copenhagen’s port. It looks like it was a really fun event for Henrik and Athena.

© Billed-Bladet screenshot

As you can see, there’s not a lot of photos available so I made screenshots of the video. You can see the videos available here and here.

For this event, Princess Marie wore an appropriate outfit but I don’t have much info about it. Her jacket is by Elise Gug, from their Fall 2015 Collection but this is the first time she wore it publicly. Her pants date back to 2010.


© Elise Gug

She also wore her Céline bag first worn in Rio in 2016. UPDATE : her new ankle boots are from Zara (there is a cutout behind the pompoms)

© Céline

© Zara