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Prince Felix’s last day at Krebs’ Skole !

On June 30th, Prince Felix officially finished his studies at Krebs’ Skole as he will start high school at the end of the summer holidays! As reported by Billed-Bladet, his family was there to celebrate with him!

© Hanne Juul; Billed-Bladet

Prince Felix arrived with his mother Countess Alexandra and was joined by his father Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Prince Nikolai -who had graduated from high school a few days before- only arrived after the ceremony had started with his girlfriend Benedikte so they didn’t pose for photos with the rest of the family.

BB27 - Last day in school for Felix-B
© Hanne Juul – Billed Bladet scans

Princess Marie wore a new Ganni floral asymmetric skirt ! It is the third new Ganni item Marie has debuted in the past few weeks so it is certain she went shopping there for her summer wardrobe! The skirt is available at $135 here.

© Hanne Juul – Billed Bladet Scans
© Farfetch

She wore her white Tara Jarmon top with the navy and green Tara Jarmon cross body bag she debuted in Bornholm last June.

Tara Jarmon Top
© Tara Jarmon
© Tara Jarmon

She also wore the Peserico sneakers she first wore in Bornholm a few weeks ago.

© Peserico

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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend the premiere of The Misanthrope at the Grønnegårds Theater

On Friday evening, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the premiere of The Misanthrope at the Grønnegårds Theater in Copenhagen.

Charles-Henri Keller, the late Prince Henrik’s nephew, also attended the event.

Capture d_écran 2018-07-01 à 16.33.26
© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

There’s only one photo available but you can watch a small video here.

Princess Marie wore a new black floral blouse by Ganni! It looks like she recently went shopping there as she wore a new Ganni skirt on Wednesday too! This really nice blouse is available here. (affiliate link)

© Ganni

It’s hard to see any of her accessories but I think her earrings might be new and her bag might be a ufo bag from 2007. I can’t see her shoes well so I can’t say if they are new or old.

This was the last scheduled event for Joachim and Marie so they will most likely go to France soon to spend their summer holidays in Cayx, France.

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Catching Up: A fashion show, a graduation ceremony, a football game and summer plans for Joachim and Marie’s family!

During the weekend, Prince Nikolai took part in his second fashion show (the first one being the Burberry Fall/Winter 2018 show back in February). He was chosen to open and close the Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2019 show in Paris by Dior Homme’s new creative director Kim Jones.

© Kim Jones on Instagram

Kim Jones explained on his Instagram that he chose Nikolai as an homage to his mother as she was Danish. Kim Jones told The Guardian: “I’m half Danish and Mr. Dior always had that thing with royalty, and so I thought it would be nice to open with a prince – quite glamorous isn’t it?””

© Vogue Runway

Prince Nikolai also took over Dior’s Instagram account and you can see the videos here and here.

© Vogue Runway

Congratulations are also in order for Prince Nikolai! He graduated from high school this week and obviously his family took part in the celebrations!

On Monday, he traditionally received the hat that marked the end of his high school studies. His parents Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra, as well as his brother Prince Felix, were present for the small ceremony. They followed the tradition and wrote a small note inside the hat.

Yesterday, the official graduation ceremony took place at Herlufsholm High School. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and Countess Alexandra were once again present. It was nice to see them being so friendly to each other and they all looked very proud of Nikolai! You can see more photos here and watch a video here.

The Court announced a few weeks ago that Prince Nikolai would start a two-year formation at Hærens Sergent School in Varde on August 1st so we might see photos of his family accompanying for his first day there.

For this ceremony, Princess Marie wore a new floral printed wrap skirt by Danish brand Ganni. It is available here. Her black tank top looks new to me but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

© Ganni

She also wore her favorite Zara shoes with a new yellow, blue and red clutch and her Christine Hvelplund earrings and necklace. Her sunglasses looks new to me too but I haven’t seen a good enough close up yet.

© Vestiaire Collective
Christine Hvelplund Earrings
© Christine Hvelplund


On Tuesday, while Prince Joachim was handing the Europa Nostra Prizes, Princess Marie, Henrik and Athena were with Charles-Henri Keller and Charlotte Sparre to watch the football game between France and Denmark. Charlotte Sparre is a Danish fashion designer and a big friend of Marie and Charles-Henri is the nephew of the late Prince Henrik. Charles-Henri has always been close to Joachim and Marie, even attending events with them sometimes, and he posted this very cute photo of them watching the game, each of them having the Danish and French flags painted on their cheeks!

©Charles-Henri Keller

We’ll next see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie tomorrow for their last event before their summer holidays. They will attend the premiere of The Misanthrope at Grønnegårds Teatret. The Court’s calendar is mostly empty for July as the whole royal family is on vacation. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their family haven’t taken part in the annual Graasten photoshoot for a few years now so I don’t expect them to attend this year. Although since it will be the first one without Prince Henrik, maybe they will decide to come back from their holidays in time for the photoshoot to be by Queen Margrethe’s side. Otherwise, they will probably spend the whole month of July in France, either in Cayx or with Marie’s family. If they follow last year’s pattern, the Court will maybe release one or two photos of the family during their holidays.

© Det Danske Kongehus

As usual, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will have a pretty busy month in August. The only events confirmed by the Court at this moment are the events part of the State Visit by France on August 28th-29th. Local newspapers have confirmed that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will visit the military school Prince Nikolai will enroll in on August 15th to celebrate the school’s anniversary.

Princess Marie is also expected to attend several events for her patronages:

  • The Copenhagen Jewelry & Watch Show will take place from August 17th to August 19th and Marie will attend on one of the days.
  • The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival is scheduled to take place from August 24th to September 2nd and Marie, as Patron, is expected to attend one of their events
  • The Tonder Festival will take place from August 23rd to August 26th and Marie will certainly attend one of the concerts, most likely with Joachim, Henrik, and Athena.
  • Marie is also Patron of the World Food Summit – Better Food for More People and she is expected to attend several meetings and events surrounding the forum, just like last year. It will take place on August 30th-31th so just after the State Visit from France.

Prince Joachim is scheduled to attend the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix on August 4th and 5th and we will certainly see Marie and the children there too. Joachim will also most likely attend the Copenhagen’s Goodwill Ambassadors gala dinner at the end of August. All in all, a very busy month for the couple after a full month of holidays.

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Princess Marie attends UNESCO seminar as Patron

Today, Princess Marie attended a UNESCO seminar in Copenhagen as Patron of the Danish UNESCO Commission. She is patron since 2009.


The aim of the seminar was to identify focus areas for the Danish UNESCO work in the coming years. Michel Steen-Hansen , a member of the Commission, said on his blog that the question “What do we want to do with UNESCO in Denmark? ” is very important right now : “A rather central issue, because in Denmark it has been decided to spend considerably fewer funds than the rest of the Nordic countries working for cooperation between nations in education, science, culture, communication, and information.”

Stakeholders from science and education institutions, from the civil society, from relevant ministries, from local authorities and from the world heritage sites, Man and Biosphere Reserves and UNESCO Global Geoparks spend the afternoon together to provide an input to and to discuss the direction of the Danish UNESCO.

The seminar was arranged by the Secretariat of the Danish UNESCO National Commission, which is based in the Danish Ministry of Education. The seminar took place in the newly erected building BLOX in Copenhagen. BLOX was inaugurated by Queen Margrethe a few weeks ago and Billed-Bladet reports Princess Marie was as impressed by the building as the Queen was during the inauguration.

Here is Princess Marie’s speech :

“Good day,

It is my pleasure today to be able to participate in the opening of this seminar for decision makers and professionals with active involvement in UNESCO’s work in Denmark.

What do we want with UNESCO’s work in Denmark? This is the heading for today’s program, and I look forward to hearing the good suggestions that will surely come during the day.

Four years ago, as a protector of the Danish UNESCO National Commission, I was involved in launching the now former Danish strategy for UNESCO’s work.

And a lot has happened since then. Both in our own work, but also in international cooperation within UNESCO’s areas – education, science, culture, and communication.

The UN’s World Sustainable Development Goal sets a new framework and direction for UNESCOs, and our all efforts for equal opportunities and greater justice for all, girls and women, as well as boys and men.

It is about quality education for all, about equality, about science for the common good, on cultural heritage and cultural diversity and on free media and freedom of expression, for a better future for all and for our common planet.

In Denmark, in recent years, we have seen a development in our commitment to UNESCO’s work. There is growing interest in UNESCO programs and academic networks from ministries, Danish municipalities, universities, schools and civil society.

I am thinking of on the growing number of Danish sites that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which includes both natural heritage such as Stevns Klint and the Wadden Sea and cultural heritage such as Christiansfeld and Parforce hunting in North Zealand.

But it also applies to Møn og Nyord in Vordingborg municipality, which was approved last year as the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Denmark.

And about exciting networks of cities such as Sønderborg, which are part of UNESCO’s global network of Learning Cities and Kolding, which has become the UNESCO Creative City.

For quite recently, I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of the beautiful and impressive Geokids project in Geopark Odsherred, Denmark’s first UNESCO Global Geopark.

In Geokids, all children in the municipality have had the opportunity to participate in creative teaching about nature and landscape, about local produce and cultural history. And all the students have made each mask, a total of about 3,500 masks that are set on rods in the landscape. Each mask is distinctive and different from the others, and together they make up an impressive common piece of art.

Princess Marie at Geopark Osherred

This is a great example of how to engage children and their families in a concrete and fun way in a project that deals with learning about nature and landscape and how we live and use nature so that it is also preserved for the future.

And this is a good example of how, through active UNESCO work, we can connect local action with global goals and challenges, and contribute to relevant follow-up to the UN’s world goals.

I hope that the seminar today will contribute to the development of precise efforts and strong partnerships, thereby strengthening UNESCO’s work in Denmark and Denmark’s efforts in UNESCO.

Thank you for your attention.”

For this event, Princess Marie wore the white Ganni dress she first wore in September 2016 during a visit to Naevsted.

© Ganni

She also wore new navy Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ pumps! It is her fourth pair of ‘Romy’, she also owns them in nude suede, black suede, and black glitter. She carried a matching bag, the ‘Selma’ by Michael Kors.

© Jimmy Choo




© Farfetch




Princess Marie gives an interview to ‘Out & About’

Princess Marie is on the cover of Danish magazine ‘Out & About’ for their December issue ! Out & About is a LGBTQ magazine. I translated the full interview below.

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About

The 1st of December is World AIDS Day, which is marked worldwide. In Copenhagen, the attention is especially directed at Gammeltorv, where the Positivgruppen lights 2000 candles in memory of the people in Denmark who are dead of AIDS. An important guest at the lightning is Her Royal Highness Princess Marie.
“There is a very special mood, with a mixture of sadness and hope: one can express their respect for those who are no longer here. But at the same time there is also a positive mood of hope because of the advances in HIV treatment” says Princess Marie


On World AIDS Day six years ago, Princess Marie became Patron of AIDS-Fondet.

“This is a very important cause. HIV is a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide and still affects many people. Therefore, I am pleased to help focus on AIDS-Fondet’s work and I really want to help break down the prejudices that make so many HIV-infected people live in loneliness and fear of other people’s reactions.
I remember i met an HIV positive young woman, who often finds that people do not want to touch her and kiss her. I was naturally sad to hear that it was her life and it surprised me too. It shows that we have a big informative work to do – even here in Denmark “

© Chris Christophersen /
As Patron of AIDS-Fondet, Princess Marie has presented prizes for HIV-positive people, including two gay men, Preben Bakbo Sloth and Jakob Hedegaard.
The royal shoulder clap from Princess Marie has had a positive impact on both Preben Bakbo Sloth and Jakob Hedegaard. They told Out & About that it helped their parents break down the taboo about their sons’s HIV diagnosis: The HIV prize offered by Princess Marie made it easier for parents to start telling friends that their son is HIV positive.

“You don’t always know what differences you can make. Of course, I’m doing it with my heart when I’m out with AIDS-Fondet. But I’m also happy to hear when it matters to other people.”
The princess also enjoys the many talks she has had with volunteers in the AIDS Fund and other HIV organizations.
“I am also a volunteer – and I am very proud to be the Patron of AIDS-Fondet.”

In September, Princess Marie, spoke at a charity reception for the ‘A Generation Without HIV’ campaign. This reception raised $ 150,000 to prevent maternal childhood infections in Ethiopia.
“It’s a subject that really affects me. You almost can not imagine how terrible it is for a mother to hear: ” You’ve infected your child with HIV”. I can not bear the idea that a child is born with HIV when we know how to avoid it with the right treatment. Therefore, we should continue to work for more people to gain access to this treatment.” 

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About

In Denmark, gay and bisexual men are the ones who are the most infected with HIV.
“I have met many HIV-infected people, and I have been privileged to be allowed to hear their stories,” says Princess Marie.
The princess did not want to go into the personal stories that have impressed her.
Those stories I keep for myself by respect for the people who told me. It is not easy for them to talk about, with the prejudices that are about HIV. Some HIV-infected people do not tell their stories to their closest family.
It is very important for me that we fight to remove the irrational fear of HIV and to fight prejudice and stigmatization against people with HIV. Prejudice and discrimination comes from people’s ignorance and insecurity, and it affects more and more different people; It’s not just sexual orientation, but religion, color and nationality.

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About
In 2016, Princess Marie joined the Copenhagen Pride Parade together with the AIDS Fund. She became the first member of the Danish royal house, who has participated in a pride in Denmark.
In fact, that was not the first time I’ve joined a pride. Before I became a princess, I’ve participated in many pride parades. The first was when I lived in New York and I was around 18-20 years old old.I was very proud to support the freedom to be yourself . I have always found that diversity makes the world better.
Princess Marie laughs as Out & About asks if the Itinerary of the Pride  from Frederiksberg Townhouse to Kobenhavn Town Hall was not too long.
No, it’s not too long. It’s a nice trip and a good party with amazing atmosphere and lots of positive people,” the Princess says about her participation in Copenhagen Pride.
© Chris Christophersen /

“To me, the message of Pride is about the freedom to be yourself. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you must be allowed to be yourself.”

As the interview is almost finished, Princess Marie herself brings the topic of the 2021 World Pride which will take place in Copenhagen and Denmark.
“I’m very glad that we will be for WorldPride in 2021. It will be really exciting.
Denmark can do a lot for the world and we already do a lot. We are a country of freedom and democracy, and here gays can get married. When we are host to a major event like WorldPride, we can even pave the world with blissful values. We live in a globalized world, and we are called upon to get to know each other, talk together and travel around the world to accept each other’s differences.”


For this interview , Princess Marie wore her Ganni top first worn in 2015 with her Christine Hvelplund earrings and what looks like a new coat or jacket.

© Ganni
© Christine Hvelplund