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Prince Joachim celebrates his 50th birthday with friends + a family outing in ChurchillParken!

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Princess Marie attends a memorial ceremony as Patron of the Danish Emergency Management Agency

Today, Princess Marie attended a memorial ceremony as Patron of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

The ceremony was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of an attack that took place in Maglaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina, killing two members of the Danish Emergency Management Agency and their local translator.

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According to DEMA’s press release about the attack: “On 1 June 1993, an emergency relief convoy from the Emergency Agency was attacked in Maglaj during the civil war that broke out after the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.  The Aid Team was issued by the EC to assist the UN Refugee High Commissioner, and the Danish convoy consisted of nine trucks that brought food and medicine to the people in the area. By a tunnel immediately before the city, the convoy was exposed to a battlefield attack that cost the lives of three people from the Danish team: the Danish drivers Niels Bromand and Jimmi Nyegaard, as well as a local interpreter. Several of the other Danish emigrants were injured. “

DEMA’s director Henning Thiesen said: “In the Emergency Agency we have not forgotten the attack by Maglaj. At the ceremony on 6th June, we are therefore reminded of our two colleagues and the local interpreter who died 25 years ago, while at the same time showing our appreciation of the great effort our missionaries provide on international missions.”

Princess Marie laid a wreath at the memorial and then made a speech at the end of the ceremony in which she thanked the many volunteers for the huge effort they provide to help others, insisting that these efforts are often vital for those who are helped.

You can watch a small video of the event here.

Princess Marie wore a Tara Jarmon black and white dress for this event. She first wore that dress in 2015 on Flag Day.


She wore her LK Bennett wedges, first worn in 2016, and her black Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Her earrings date back to 2012 but her hat is new.

LK Bennett Wedges
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Carlend Copenhagen
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Princess Marie will take part in several meetings with DEMA and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Teams on June 12 & 13 but there will be no press access. On June 15, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will visit Bornholm.

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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie host a reception for their patronages and collaborators at Schackenborg Castle

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie hosted a reception for their patronages and collaborators at Schackenborg Castle.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are both Patrons of the Schackenborg Fond (which was created after the couple moved out of the castle) and they still can use the castle for private and public events. Representatives of both Joachim’s and Marie’s patronages were invited to the reception which was held in order to thank them for their work but also to allow them to meet each other and to discuss possible initiatives.




Prince Joachim and Princess Marie welcomed the invited guests on the steps of the castle before both making a small speech. Joachim is Patron of 41 organizations while Marie is Patron of 13 organizations.

Princess Marie said : “We think it was very appropriate that you all have the opportunity to greet each other […] We have a very close relationship with the place. This is where we got married and started our family” 



In his speech, Prince Joachim then gave a small history of Schackenborg Castle before the guests were split into small teams to visit the castle, mingle and eat.





Bjorn Friis Neerfeldt who is the Secretary-General of Dansk Skoleidræt (of which Prince Joachim is Patron) said it was “a very nice meeting in historic surroundings”


For this event, Princess Marie wore a new pink dress. It is the ‘Glenda’ wrap dress from Goat, one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite brand. It is the first time Princess Marie has worn this brand as far as I know.

© Goat Fashion

I believe Marie decided to shorten the dress slightly as it appears longer on the model and is described as a midi dress on Goat’s website while it appears to be knee-length on Marie.

© Goat Fashion

Marie wore pink LK Bennett ‘Sledge’ pumps. It is the first time she wears them publicly but they are past season. She accessorized with her Christine Hvelplund bracelet and the necklace created by Christine Hvelplund with Henrik’s and Athena’s initials. Her earrings are new but I haven’t seen good enough photos of them in order to identify them yet.


© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Marie on June 6 when she will attend a memorial ceremony as Patron of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

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Princess Marie attends the launch of new teaching materials against food waste

Today, Princess Marie attended a very important event in the fight against food waste in Denmark. Princess Marie has always said that one of the steps of the fight against food waste was to make sure that the children -who are future consumers- learn how to avoid it and this was the focus of today’s event.

©City of Copenhagen

Princess Marie, along with Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, attended the launch of new teaching materials about food waste at the Amager Fælled school in Copenhagen. These teaching materials are the results of a collaboration between Stop Spild Af Mad and the City of Copenhagen and they can be used in food science education for children in 5th-7th grade


Princess Marie arriving at the school ©TV2Lorry screenshot

Jesper Christensen, the mayor of the Children and Youth Administration, said: “It’s very important that we turn that development so fresh food does not end up in the bin. I am glad that we also teach children about the consequences of food waste in primary school. Children are incredibly curious and knowledgeable and it is our hope that they are equally curious when it comes to food waste and how to reduce the amount of food that ends in the trash can.”

©Kasper Wejse

The launch of new teaching materials is part of the City of Copenhagen’s new campaign against food waste called Spis Det Hele (Eat it All) which aims to help people reduce their food waste and become more aware of it. In connection with the new teaching materials, Princess Marie also took part in a short film (which you can see here) introducing the fight against food waste.

©City of Copenhagen

The teaching materials are composed of a teacher’s guide and a student’s guide. The aim of these teaching materials is to help the children understand what is food waste, why it is a problem, how they can avoid it and why they should learn good habits regarding food waste and change their families’ habits too.

©Kasper Wejse

Here is Princess Marie’s speech:

Dear everyone,

Thanks to the City of Copenhagen, as with their new teaching material “Food Waste – with you and your family” helps to focus on an important issue.

When you hear the word “food waste”, it may not sound very exciting right?

But every year Danish households throw out about 260,000 tonnes of food. In a family with 2 parents and 2 children, it corresponds to almost every fifth shopping bag ending up directly in the trash bin.It is food that is grown, harvested, processed, packed and transported to simply end in the trash bin. It is a waste of important resources in a world where over 800 million people starve. And that is unnecessary. Because of learning about food waste, we can all make a difference. 

When I grew up as a child in France, I learned to cook with my parents. Even simple ingredients could be a party meal and leftovers from the day before were transformed into new delicious dishes. That’s something I’ve taken with me throughout my life – even in the upbringing of my children. 

©Kasper Wejse

But it is not always easy to avoid food waste in a busy and hectic everyday life. I know that too.

Although studies show that most people want to work to fight food waste, many adults are already having a lot of bad habits and are going to throw out food without even thinking about it!

You are our future and it is you who can make a big difference to stop food waste. By learning about food waste and sharing your knowledge with your parents, you can help change the whole family’s habits and thus protect our planet and your future!

I am looking forward to seeing you dive into the teaching material and see you become more aware of how you can become part of the solution. “

©Kasper Wejse

Princess Marie is the Patron of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival which focuses on food waste this year and she has been working closely with Stop Spild Af Mad for a few years now so I expect her to attend more events related to Denmark’s fight against food waste this year.

©Kasper Wejse

You can see a short video of the event here.

Princess Marie wore a new LK Bennett trench coat today. The ‘Boston’ coat is “the perfect colorful cover-up this season and for many more to come. Double-breasted with a waist-cinching belt and collar cuffs, this gorgeous trench is an enduring classic that will brighten up any outfit. “

© LK Bennett

She also wore a new Tara Jarmon knit top with a new Michael Kors plaid and leopard chiffon skirt. The skirt is currently on sale at $36.75! Check it out here!

© Place des Tendances

© Michael Kors

Marie also carried the UFO bag she debuted last week with new Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ black suede pumps.

©Jimmy Choo

We’ll next see Princess Marie next Monday on Queen Margrethe’s birthday.

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Unveiling of ‘Miss Fredensborg’ Statue at Fredensborg Palace

Today, the whole Danish royal family was present at the unveiling of the ‘Miss Fredensborg’ Statue at Fredensborg Palace. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik married on June 10th, 1967 and are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Their mutual gift is this statue, created by Prince Henrik.

© Kongehuset

It is set up in the private part of Fredensborg Palace’s garden and Prince Henrik decided to call it ‘Miss Fredensborg’. Margrethe and Henrik unveiled the statue and the whole family posed for photos before enjoying a private time in their garden.

© Kongehuset

I can’t tell you a lot about Princess Marie’s outfit except that she wore her LK Bennett wedges and her Prada sunglasses.

© LK Bennett

It was fun to see the entire family together. We’ll next see Princess Marie on June 8th!