Gala Dinner

2019 New Year Gala Dinner!

Tonight, the first tiara event of the year took place at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The gala takes place each year and the royal family, as well as the Government, the President of Parliament, representatives and members of the court, attend. We took a look at Princess Marie’s outfits the previous years yesterday on Tumblr and you can check it out here.

Keld Navntoft, Ritzau Scanpix

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first at Amalienborg Palace. All the members of the Royal Family wore the necklace of the Order of the Elephant, the highest Danish order. You can see a video of the arrivals here.

Princess Marie wore a new Rikke Gudnitz outfit. She wore a high neck top with a cut out at the back. She paired it with a full-length gold skirt and new Michael Kors Claire glitter pumps. Both her earrings and clutch are old and ufo.


What did you think of Marie’s outfit?

Gala Dinner

Princess Marie attends Gadens Born’s charity gala

On Saturday evening, Princess Marie attended Gadens Born’s charity gala in Copenhagen.

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born

Gadens Born was founded in 2012 by Pia Lindell Qwist after a visit to India when she saw how bad street children’s living conditions were there: “Gadens Boern fights to improve the living conditions of homeless children in Kolkata, India, by supporting initiatives within education and care. The objective of Gadens Børn is to provide homeless and destitute children access to opportunities and tools they can use to change their present conditions and potentially also their future. […] We primarily rely on the hard work of volunteers, and we always try to keep our administrative expenses to an absolute minimum. Even though we are a small organization we work hard to make a big difference. Help us help others.”

© Gadens Born

The foundation’s main focus is social outreach at Sealdah Station, the second biggest railway station in Kolkata, where a lot of children live with or without their parents:”A large number of street children live at the station – some with their parents and others without but true for most them is that they are not publicly registered with a birth certificate. That means that they are not able to attend the local government schools or receive other government services. Some have been thrown out of home while others have run away due to different reasons,  often involving physical violence, addiction or sexual assault. […]We seek them out and offer them food, health checks, clothes, activities and love, and care.”

© Gadens Born

Gadens Born also created the Aasha School (‘Aasha’ means ‘hope’ in Hindi). It has 150 students enrolled from the local area. The school offers one daily vegetarian meal, adult contact & care, one monthly excursion, and education that builds on caring relations. (You can read more about the school here). They also help mothers with food, birth preparations, and medical check-ups.

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born

Upon her arrival, Princess Marie was greeted by Pia Lindell Qwist’s daughter Mynthe. Princess Marie was sitting at the main table with Pia Lindell Qwist and Lars Stolte, the Chairman of the Board. During the charity gala, an auction of gifts given by Danish companies was held to help raise money for the foundation and it was very successful as they have raised one million Danish Kroner (≈ $155,600). You can donate to Gadens Born here.

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born

After the auction, singers Alex Ambrose and Barbara Miranda performed. About Princess Marie attending the gala, Pia Lindell Qwist said: “I am deeply grateful that HKH Princess Marie will participate in our charity gala. It’s really a show of all the work our volunteers do to make a difference for the street children in India.”

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born

You can see a video of Marie’s arrival here.

For this charity gala, Princess Marie wore a new black sequin top which she paired with black velvet pants. I believe the top could be a sequinned bodysuit by Michael Kors. If it is indeed her top, it’s her first item from the main Michael Kors line after buying from the less expensive Michael Michael Kors line so it’ll be interesting to see how her relationship with the brand develops.

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born


She paired the outfit with her Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ black glitter pumps and an old UFO clutch from 2008.

Jimmy Choo Pumps
© Net-A-Porter

Marie also wore her Christine Hvelplund cross ring and new earrings that I haven’t managed to identify yet.

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born
Christine Hvelplund Ring
© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie on Tuesday when they’ll join the royal family to attend the Opening of Parliament.

Gala Dinner, State Visit

State Visit to Denmark – Day 1

First of all, a new photo of Prince Nikolai was released for his 19th birthday! I wish him a very happy birthday!

Today, French President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron started their state visit to Denmark. After a wreath-laying ceremony at the Kastellet with the Crown Prince Couple, they met the Queen and the rest of the royal family at Amalienborg Palace.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 18.30.19
© Billed-Bladet
Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 18.30.25
© Billed-Bladet
Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 18.30.31
© Billed-Bladet
Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 18.30.39
© Billed-Bladet
Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 18.30.49
© Billed-Bladet

Princess Marie wore a new red blouse from Tara Jarmon with an old black UFO skirt. Tara Jarmon is Marie’s favorite French brand!

© Tara Jarmon

She paired it with her red Michael Kors ‘Clara’ pumps and a new Naledi Copenhagen ‘Sascha’ clutch.

© Michael Kors
© Naledi Copenhagen

Both her earrings and her ring are old and UFO. She first wore the earrings in 2014 and the ring to the New Year’s Gala earlier this year.

The Presidential Couple and the Crown Prince Couple had several events scheduled in the afternoon before the gala dinner. Queen Margrethe wore the sash of the Order of the Légion d’Honneur ( she is Grand Cross which is the highest level and the only one with a sash).

The Crown Prince Couple wore the sash of the Order of National Merit (second highest French order).

Princess Marie wore the cross of Grand Officer of the Légion d’Honneur (highest order) which she received back in 2017. It seems Prince Joachim also received the Légion d’Honneur (cross+ red medal).

Princess Benedikte wore the sash of her Order of the Elephant.

Queen Margrethe and Emmanuel Macron made speeches as usual during a gala dinner but this one was special as they both held their speeches in French, per Queen Margrethe’s request. You can read Margrethe’s speech here.

© DR1

Princess Marie was seated next to François Zimeray, the French ambassador to Denmark who will leave his position on Thursday.

© DR1

For this gala dinner, Princess Marie surprised us all by debuting a new tiara! It seems to be made of diamonds and sapphire but I emailed the Court to try and get more information. It seems that Marie also has a matching ring but I couldn’t find a good shot of it. UPDATE 30/08: You can read more about Marie’s ‘Nuits Claires’ tiara here.

© DR1
© Courtesy of Maison Mauboussin

She wore a new Rikke Gudnitz off the shoulder gown for this very special gala dinner. The gown was custom made for Marie by her favorite designer.


She paired her new jewels and her new gown with UFO earrings from 2014 and an old UFO clutch.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 23.06.53
© NTB Scanpix
© Mauboussin

She paired this new gown with matching Michael Kors ‘Hutton’ sandals which she also owns in blue.

© Michael Kors

We’ll see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie tomorrow at the return event hosted by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.

Stop Spild Af Mad, Visits

Princess Marie attends the opening of Too Good To Go’s new store in Frederiksberg

Today, Princess Marie was in Frederiskberg to attend her first official event since the end of her summer holidays. She was on hand to open the new Too Good To Go store with Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, and Mette Lykke, the CEO of Too Good To Go.

© Kristian Juul Pedersen
© Screenshot TV2

Too Good To Go is the world’s largest online platform for surplus food. Through the app, everyone can take action against food waste and help us achieve our vision of a world with no waste. Today almost 6 million meals have been saved and the app has 4,6 million users in eight countries. The Too Good To Go app was originally created by five young entrepreneurs and started in 2016. On 1st July 2016, Mette Lykke, co-founder of Endomondo, came on board as CEO. There are 160 employees in total, of which 50 are based in Denmark.

© PR/ Copenhagen Food

The app has been around since 2016 and has since grown at record speed. Today, it is possible to buy surplus food from more than 10,000 places in eight countries through Too Good To Go. TV2 reports that: ” Over the past two years, 4.6 million users have bought six million meals that were otherwise thrown out, and it makes Too Good To Go the world’s largest online marketplace for surplus food.”

Too Good To Go
© Kristian Juul Pedersen

Now that there are more than 10,000 businesses signed up and around 20,000 meals being saved daily through the app, it is time for the next step in the fight against food waste.

“Every year a third of all food ends up in a landfill. Almost 40% of Europe’s food waste happens before the food reaches the stores and that’s why we have created our own space where we can offer goods direct from manufacturers and wholesalers. We feel that addressing the issue higher up the chain is key in order to have a bigger impact on the food waste issue” says Mette Lykke.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-09 à 00.45.32
© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

Urtekram, Knorr and Santa Maria are already on the list of brands which will be available at the new store. All the products are entirely edible but, for one reason or another, they aren’t able to be sold in the supermarket because they are nearing the final date of sale, have a badly printed label or, in one way or another, do not comply with the standards of supermarkets. Urtekram’s CEO Peter Overgaard says: ”For us, it’s important to support new sustainable initiatives. Too Good To Go is making it possible for us to sell the products that have an expiry date that’s too short for the supermarket to accept”

Mette Lykke also wants the store to help change the habits we have at home regarding food waste:  “The store is a pickup point but there will also be lots of help and information available on how to change habits at home. We also invite students to stop by and get help on their assignments on food waste. Our ambition is for it to become a real hub, the heart of our food waste community”

During the opening reception, Marie explained that she knew about the app and was using it too. When asked by Billed-Bladet how she learned about the app, she said it was thanks to Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. The store was officially opened when Marie made an order from the app and received her order at the counter. Mette Lykke explained that the users of the app could still use the app as usual – ordering from the app and being delivered the meal at home- but they could also now pick up their order from the store and take part in the events that will be hosted there.

Too Good To Go
© Kristian Juul Pedersen

The fight against food waste has been one of Princess Marie’s biggest cause in the past few years so it’s no surprise to see her being involved in this event. She is expected to attend the Better Food For More People – World Food Summit later this month in Copenhagen as Patron.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-09 à 00.45.58
© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

You can watch videos of the event here and here.

Princess Marie chose to wear a very summery outfit for this event. Her new navy dress is from Michael Kors. It is still available in navy here and in green here. [Note: you can shop similar dresses here]

© Zalando

She accessorized with her nude Etui Bags clutch and old UFO earrings.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-09 à 19.07.26

© Etui Bags

She also wore new nude pumps. I believe they might be the Michael Kors ‘Clara’ pumps (available here). She is clearly a fan of these pumps because she also wore them in red satin at the concert for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday back in May.

© Kristian Juul Pedersen
© Michael Kors

We’ll next see Princess Marie on August 15th when she and Prince Joachim visit Varde’s Military School.

Family Events, Felix

Concert for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday

Tonight, a concert took place in Copenhagen to celebrate Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday. It was the last event of the celebrations.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in attendance along with Prince Felix.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

Prince Nikolai attended the gala dinner last night so it was really great to see Felix tonight!

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

Felix’s mother Countess Alexandra was also in attendance, wearing a Self-Portrait dress.

©Screenshot Billed-Bladet
© Screenshot Billed-Bladet
© Lyst

For this concert, Princess Marie wore a new black dress that isn’t identified yet.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

She also wore new red satin pumps and her old UFO clutch. I believe the clutch could be the ‘Claire’ satin pumps by Michael Kors but this can’t be confirmed without more photos. You can see a close up of the pumps here.

© Michael Kors

Marie also wore new Christine Hvelplund ‘Conscious’earrings. Her ruby ring is old but I still don’t know who designed it.
Embed from Getty Images

© Christine Hvelplund

On her right wrist, she wore her old Christine Hvelplund bracelet.

© Christine Hvelplund

It is hard to say but I believe she wore two new silver ‘Parallel’ bracelets by Christine Hvelplund on her left wrist.

© Christine Hvelplund
© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie on Tuesday when they’ll host a reception in Schackenborg Castle for their patronages and collaborators.