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Princess Marie meets employees with autism at Nordea + Catching up on her last unannounced events

Today, Princess Marie was at Nordea to meet with employees that have autism as Patron of the National Association for Autism. She was able to talk to them and learn more about their daily tasks and work. UPDATE 08/02: Nordea sent me a press release and a new photo.

© Sonja Thomsen, Nordea

“Her Royal Highness Princess Marie visited the Automation office space, where the princess had a chance to greet all our colleagues in the Automation team and have in-depth talks with our colleagues with autism.

One of our colleagues showed the princess our automation infrastructure where the programs modules to ensure that all our internal services can be automated. Another colleague showed how services are created to perform Nordea’s internal banking services and the self-service portal where customers order different items. A third colleague told about his participation in #Hack19. Hackathon is a two-day event where ideas are developed by employees across Nordea.

The princess was keen to learn more – she asked questions about favourite code language, where they had worked before and how it was to work for Nordea. Christoffer from Automation governance says: It was nice that the patron of the National Association for Autism showed interest in how we feel about working at Nordea. Princess Marie seemed genuinely interested in what we do, and she was very nice to talk to.”

We hosted a small reception where the princess had the opportunity to have more informal chats with all the team members. “Personally, I hope the visit will create more focus on employing colleagues with autism, both at Nordea and elsewhere,” says Majbritt Gyldengren, who is the coordinator for Nordea’s employees with autism.

The hiring of our seven colleagues was conducted through Specialisterne, which is a socially innovative company working to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.”

Marie wore her old Ralph Lauren jacket with her Sergio Rossi boots. Both her earrings and her brooch are repeats. I can’t tell anything more about her outfit.

Ralph Lauren jacket
© Boozt
Sergio Rossi Ankle Boots
© Farfetch


Princess Marie had two unannounced events last week. On January 30th, following the news of her future move to Paris, she attended a charity fashion show hosted by Danish designer Jesper Hovring.

She wore a new pantsuit with her Christine Hvelplund earrings, Judith Leiber clutch, and her Michael Kors pumps.

Christine Hvelplund Earrings
© Christine Hvelplund
© Michael Kors

On January 31st, Princess Marie met with director Marcus Mandal and creative director / CEO Klaus Schiang-Franck from Citizen Dane. The producing company made a short film about autism in 2017 and Princess Marie had attended the premiere back then.

She wore a new Theory blazer (with thanks to Elena) with her Tara Jarmon blouse and Zara pants.

© Lyst
© Place des Tendances
© Ebay

She also wore her Joseph ‘Frida’ ankle boots from October 2018 and her necklace is from Georg Jensen.

© Georg Jensen
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Princess Marie takes part in DEMA’s Disaster Recovery Day

On Saturday, Princess Marie took part in the Danish Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Recovery Day in Naevsted. Princess Marie is an honorary member of DEMA since 2011  and she works as a special project assistant since 2016.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

The Disaster Recovery Day aims to shows the resources and abilities of the DEMA and the emergency services to be prepared and to do their job during big emergencies such as natural catastrophes. It takes place in every local Emergency Management Agencies each year. Last year, Marie was in Thisted to visit the Nordjylland Emergency Management Agency.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

The day also aimed to educate adults and children about the appropriate response to a big emergency happening near them. DEMA aims to reduce the numbers of victims of big emergencies by being more prepared but also by teaching people how to react appropriately and safely to these emergencies.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

In addition to the Disaster Recovery Day, DEMA was celebrating the Zealand Emergency Management Agency’s 75th anniversary hence why Marie was visiting Naevsted.

There were a lot of exciting activities for the children and adults such as:

  • Become a firefighter for one day and get a diploma
  • See all emergency vehicles and special equipment
  • Cut into a car with a release tool
  • Get close to an exhilaration exercise
  • Meet actors like the Police, the Armed Forces, the Health Care and the Municipal Fire Department

Princess Marie had the opportunity to take part in several of these activities during the day. You can see a short video here.

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

For this casual event, Princess Marie wore the Theory ‘Alba’ coat she first wore in 2016 with a new top from Peserico an Italian brand.

© Theory
peserico sweater

She paired the outfit with her Peserico sneakers first worn last June and new jewels by Danish brand Heiring.

© Peserico

UPDATE 13/11: Marie’s new ring is from C6 by Anne Cohen!

We’ll next see Princess Marie on Tuesday when she officially welcomes new international students to the University of South Denmark.

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Princess Marie in Paris for "Danish Christmas Month" at BHV Marais

Today, Princess Marie was in Paris, France to attend the inauguration of the “Danish Christmas Month / God Jul – Joyeux Nöel” of BHV Marais. Princess Marie first had lunch with the Danish Ambassador to France, Kirsten Malling Beiring at the Ambassador’s Residence. You can see two photos in Billed-Bladet’s article below.

At 18:30 , Princess Marie was at the BHV Marais to officially launch the Danish Christmas Month and the Christmas Lights.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

BHV Marais was founded in 1856 and was a flea market at first and BHV decided to expand in other cities in France in 1964. From there , the ‘Flea Market of Town Hall’ became BHV Marais one of the biggest department stores in Paris.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

In her speech Marie said that this was a special day for her as her new country and her old country were uniting to celebrate Christmas together. She also said that a Danish Christmas was : ” special and magical. ” and that Danes can’t imagine Christmas without “candles, hot chocolates and decorations made with the kids”. She also said she hoped the visitors will love the Danish way of celebrating Christmas as much as she does. You can read her speech here.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

She then pushed the button and the BHV Marais lit with Danish colors ! You can see a video here.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

Princess Marie and the hosts then posed in front of the new shop windows.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

Princess Marie then visited the store to see the Danish stores and decorations.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

She then attended the party hosted in honor of the inauguration.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

 For her lunch with the Ambassador, Marie wore her Theory pink wool coat, first worn in 2016 and her Hugo Boss ‘Kasima’ dress first worn when she received the Légion d’Honneur in April 2017.

© Giglio

© Hugo Boss

She carried an old UFO grey clutch first worn in 2010 and her shoes are her Gianvito Rossi grey suede pumps first worn in 2016.

© Lyst

For the inauguration, Princess Marie changed and wore her black embellished coat , first worn in 2013 and still UFO unfortunately with a new Hugo Boss ‘Illora’ dress.

©Anthony Ghnassia/BHV Marais

© Hugo Boss

She wore her Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ black glitter pumps with her old UFO gold clutch and her favorite Christine Hvelplund earrings and bracelet and a new Christine Hvelplund M-shaped ring.

© Christine Hvelplund

© Christine Hvelplund

© Net-A-Porter